FAQ and tips

On this page we provide you with interesting information about our LEUCHTIEs.

  1. Models
  2. Colours
  3. Size determination
  4. Claims management
  5. Operation Manual


1. Models

We offer 5 LEUCHTIE models, designed for different requirements:

1) Mini
2) Plus
3) Premium
4) Premium Easy Charge
5) Pro Easy Charge

The LEUCHTIE Mini has been specially developed for small dogs up to a weight of approx. 10-11 kg. It is particularly light and offers normal brightness with a long battery life of about 50 hours.

From size 35 there are 4 models to choose from: 2 battery operated and 2 for easy charging via USB.

Operation with low-cost AAA batteries:

The energy source of the battery-operated Plus & Premium is identical with 2 low-cost AAA batteries. However, the energy is used differently: With the Plus it is invested in the running time, with the Premium in the luminosity.

The LEUCHTIE Plus is particularly economical at normal brightness, the extra long battery life is approx. 100 hours. In most cases this means that 1 set of batteries will last all winter. When the energy decreases, there is no risk of short-term failure: the LEDs slowly weaken, but remain lit for many hours.

With Premium, the energy is mainly invested in luminosity: Maximum and constant brightness without diminishing at approx. 25 h running time. When the batteries are empty and need to be replaced, the LEDs start flashing (low battery signal).

This makes the Plus the most popular of our 5 LEUCHTIE models, while the Premium is particularly specialized in long-haired dogs, such as Australian Shepherds, Newfoundlanders, etc., and long distances.

Easily rechargeable via USB:

The Easy Charge models can be charged easily and safely with the supplied USB charging station.The two rechargeable LEUCHTIEs also have the same energy source: 2 robust nickel metal hydride batteries. The energy is also used differently here: With the Premium EC it is invested in luminosity, with the Pro EC particularly in running time.

The Premium Easy Charge does not differ in luminosity and running time from the Premium with batteries: Maximum and constant brightness without fading at approx. 25 h running time. Here, too, the LEDs flash when the energy is used up (low battery signal). In order to guarantee a maximum running time, we also recommend recharging the Premium Easy Charge regularly (after approx. 10-15 h operation or once a week overnight).

The brand new Pro Easy Charge combines the convenient EasyCharge technology with an extra long running time of up to 120 hours*. The luminosity is comparable to the Plus model. When the energy decreases, there is no risk of short-term failure: the LEDs slowly weaken, but remain lit for many hours. In order to maintain the high initial brightness, we recommend charging regularly.

* The colours green and turquoise provide approx. 120 h burn time per charge. The colours red and sunset orange approx. 50 h.

2. Colours

In addition to the models, the LED colour also has an effect on the brightness of the LEUCHTIE: the luminosity of the different colours varies. Therefore, in addition to the personal taste, the respective requirements on the LEUCHTIE are also important for the selection, e. g. how long and dark is the coat on the neck or how far away is the dog. The following colours tend to be perceived as the brightest:

1) green in a transparent tube, 2) turquoise, 3) white, 4) lavender, 5) blue in a transparent tube, 6) fir green.

If the dog is usually near you and has short coat on the neck, colours with a slightly lower luminosity would be recommended, such as sunset orange, sunny yellow or hot pink.


3. Size determination


4. Claims management

5. Operation Manual

Here you will find our operating instructions as a PDF file for downloading or printing: