LEUCHTIE Premium Easy Charge configurator


Consistently bright LED dog collar with maximum luminosity and zero fading. 
Will be delivered with USB-charging station and attachment loop

The configured LEUCHTIE model will be manufactured in a colourless-transparent tube.
We ask for your understanding that your individually assembled LEUCHTIE is a custom-made product which is excluded from exchange and return.

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LEUCHTIE Premium Easy Charge configurator
The impressive benefits
  • Easy handling
    Just pull the LEUCHTIE over the dog`s head: It switches on automatically if the battery pack is facing downward. If the battery pack is facing upward, it will turn off after approx. 1 minute.LED Leuchthalsband LEUCHTIE Sensortechnik
  • Easily and savely rechargeable via USB
    USB charging station with magnetic contact to the LEUCHTIE:
    plugless - without accident-sensitive port on the LEUCHTIE
    flexible - thanks to robust NiMH batteries charging before the end of the battery runtime is possible at any time
    no memory effect - early recharging guarantees maximum burn time
  • Maximum brightness without fading
    Thanks to the step-up-electronic, the extreme luminosity is maintained without fading.
    Hand picked LEDs make your dog visible from all sides and hundreds of metres away, guaranteeing the greatest safety possible for dogs and humans.
  • 100 % waterproof
    Swimming and diving are possible.LED Leuchthalsband LEUCHTIE Premium Easy Charge mit Schäferhund.
  • Long burn time
    Thanks to energy-efficient technology and recent, energy saving LEDs the burn time is approx. 25 hours per charge.
  • No battery changes necessary
    Using rechargeable batteries protects the environment and saves money.
  • Low battery signal
    When the LEDs start flashing batteries must be recharged.
  • Flexible power supply
    Thanks to the USB-charging station you can conveniently recharge the LEUCHTIE using a PC or a power supply unit.
  • Durable and reliable
    LEUCHTIE stands for the highest quality: Extremely robust, completely reliable and globally proven in its use thousands of times since 2003.
  • Protection against loss
    The delivered attachment loop that is fastened to the collar or harness prevents the LEUCHTIE from getting lost.
  • Strong luminous colours
    Thanks to the range of colours available dogs are clearly visible over large distances and can easily be differentiated in the dark.
    Since 2003, we have been crafting LEUCHTIEs using self-developed, highly specialized tools at our facility in Weiden / Bavaria.
  • Social responsibility
    A part of the preparatory tasks is carried out in a curative educational centre and it makes it possible provide people with physical or mental disabilities with individual support.LEUCHTIE arbeitet mit heilpädagogischen Zentren zusammen
  • Sustainability
    LEUCHTIE is not a disposal item:
    In the event of damage we will provide you with reliable support, repair service and low-cost spare parts. Due to our strict refusal to exploit people and the environment all production of LEUCHTIE occurs in Germany.

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