LEUCHTIE Pro Easy Charge Senior Edition


Extremely bright LED dog collar 
Will be delivered with USB-charging station and attachment loop

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All LEUCHTIEs of the Senior edition have a colorless-transparent tube.

Operating mode
rechargeable battery (2x NiMH type AAA)
USB rechargeable
Burn time
up to 120 h
100% waterproof
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LEUCHTIE Pro Easy Charge Senior Edition
The impressive benefits
  • Particularly for visually handicapped / older / insecure dogs
    2 LEDs pointing at the way in front of the dog and illuminating it a bit can help making dogs feel much more secure and comfortable in the dark. This way we`re able to improve the quality of their lives again and reduce the risk of injuries.1
  • Additional safety for the dog
    Wearing a LEUCHTIE of the Senior Edition, dogs stay just as well visible over large distances for both owners and other road users as wearing a normal LEUCHTIE.
  • Easy handling
    Just pull the LEUCHTIE over the dog`s head: It switches on automatically if the battery pack is facing downward. If the battery pack is facing upward, it will turn off after approx. 1 minute. LED light collar LEUCHTIE sensor technology
  • Easily and savely rechargeable via USB
    USB charging station with magnetic contact to the LEUCHTIE:
    plugless - without accident-sensitive port on the LEUCHTIE
  • The reliable and commercially available LSD NiMH batteries offer many advantages:
    - Preloaded: Your LEUCHTIE is ready for immediate use
    - Particularly powerful: up to 120 h burn time per charge .
    - Very low self-discharge (LSD)
    - No memory effect: can be recharged flexibly at any time
    - No short-term failure: If the energy decreases, the LEDs slowly weaken, but continue to glow for many hours.
    - Replaceable batteries: If necessary, batteries can be replaced. No new LEUCHTIE is required

    Expert tip:
    The robust LSD NiMH batteries have no memory effect. Therefore, please charge the batteries early (after approx. 10 - 15 h burn time) overnight until the green LED of the charging station starts to light up.LED Leuchthalsband LEUCHTIE Pro Easy Charge mit Husky

    This has the following advantages:
    - maximum brightness of your LEUCHTIE
    - maximum burn time due to fully charged batteries, even during long tours and operations
    - shorter loading times
    - longer battery life (no deep discharge)
  • Extremely bright on all sides
    Very bright and hand-picked LEDs make your dog visible from all sides and hundreds of metres away, guaranteeing the greatest safety possible for dogs and humans.
  • 100 % waterproof
    Swimming and diving are possible.
  • Long burn time
    Extra long burn time of up to 120 h per charge ., thanks to energy-efficient technology and re-cent, energy saving LEDs.
  • No battery changes
    Using rechargeable batteries protects the environment and saves money.
  • Flexible power supply
    Thanks to the USB-charging station you can conveniently recharge the LEUCHTIE using a PC or a power supply unit.
  • Durable and reliable
    LEUCHTIE stands for the highest quality: Extremely robust, completely reliable and globally proven in its use hundreds of thousands of times since 2003.
  • Protection against loss
    The provided attachment loop that is fastened to the collar or harness prevents the LEUCHTIE from getting lost.
  • Strong luminous colours
    Thanks to the range of colours and colour combinations available dogs are clearly visible over large distances and can easily be differentiated in the dark.
    Since 2003, we have been crafting LEUCHTIEs at our facility in Weiden, Bavaria.
  • Social responsibility
    A part of the preparatory tasks is carried out in curative educational centres and makes it possible to provide people with physical or mental disabilities with individual support. We avoid the exploitation of people and the environment that is typical of production in low-wage countries as far as possible and act consistently:
    We manufacture our LEUCHTIEs in Germany and attach great importance to quality when se-lecting our materials and suppliers. LEUCHTIE arbeitet mit heilpädagogischen Zentren zusammen
  • Sustainability
    LEUCHTIE is not a disposable item:
    In the event of damage we will provide you with reliable support, repair service and low-cost spare parts.

1 Please note:
The "headlight effect" might be reduced by long coat that would cover the LEUCHTIE or floppy ears. Please get in touch with us before ordering to figure out whether a LEUCHTIE of the Senior Edition is suitable for your dog.

In the case of dense stockhaired or longhaired fur, we recommend to choose the senior edition 1-2 numbers larger, depending on the coat condition. So the LEUCHTIE sits lower on the neck and the two LEDs turned forward reach out of the dog's fur. To reliably prevent losing it, we advise to fix it on the collar / harness with an additionally available extra long attachment loop. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Choosing the right LEUCHTIE size for your dog

So messe ich die Größe vom LED Leuchthalsband LEUCHTIELEUCHTIE will be placed over the dog's head as closed ring and turns on and off automatically.

Consequently, for choosing the right size you have to measure the dog's head circumference, not the neck (for exceptions see point 3).

  1. Please put a tape measure tightly around the widest part of the dog’s head, just in front of the ears.
    If you don't have a tape measure, please use a piece of string which you can use around the head and then measure with a ruler. Please measure tightly.
  2. Select the LEUCHTIE size closest to this measurement from the list provided.
    If you meausure between two sizes, please choose the smaller size preferably.
  3. Does your dog have a larger neck than head circumference, e. g. due to dense, long-haired fur on the neck (Australian Shepherd, Collie, Newfoundland etc.)?
    Then please measure the neck circumference as an additional size at the place and in the width on / in which the LEUCHTIE should be and orient yourself more towards this when choosing the size.

LEUCHTIE Plus, Pro & Premium:
35 / 37,5 / 40 / 42,5 / 45 / 47,5 / 50 / 52,5 / 55 / 57,5 / 60 / 62,5 / 65 / 67,5 / 70

For sizes smaller than 35, please choose LEUCHTIE Mini

light collar size cm to inch

LEUCHTIE – handcrafted in Germany

LEUCHTIE - handcrafted in GermanyOur aim: Safety for dogs and humans

LED light collar LEUCHTIE PCB solderingAlready since 2003 we have been crafting LEUCHTIEs in our small manufactory in Weiden, Bavaria, completely by hand. For this we use self-developed, highly specialized tools.

We place the highest demands not only on the production, but also on the material used: Almost all the installed parts are custom-made products developed together with our regional suppliers.

LED light collar LEUCHTIE safe in front of the carWe have always aimed the greatest safety possible for both dogs and humans. To ensure this objective we make them clearly visible in the dark on all sides and over large distances.

This makes LEUCHTIE stand for highest-quality LED collars ensuring the maximum functionality.
Ever since 2003 we continue to develop and refine LEUCHTIE with our own dogs and in cooperation with rescue dogs units – obviously in practice, not desk-based.

Trust LEUCHTIE for the safety of your dog - reliable and proven hundreds of thousands of times since 2003.

Gift voucher

You would like to gift a LEUCHTIE Pro Easy Charge, but are uncertain about colour or size?

In this case, we recommend a GIFT VOUCHER

When redeeming the recipient can choose both the correct size and the desired colour herself / himself. This way, she / he gets an useful gift, which ensures the safety of the beloved dog - and which meets exactly her / his requirements.

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