Silicone sleeves 2 pieces 
(for LEUCHTIE Plus, Premium, Plus Easy Charge, Premium Easy Charge and Pro Easy Charge)

for LEUCHITIE Premium
for LEUCHITIE Premium Easy Charge
for LEUCHITIE Pro Easy Charge
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Silicone sleeves 2 pieces

The silicone sleeves are placed on the transition between the battery pack and the tube and seal the LEUCHTIE reliably against moisture and dirt.

To activate the LEUCHTIE or replace the batteries, simply pull the tube off the battery pack with slight bending movements. To close, insert the tube straight into the battery pack – to prevent the contact springs from being bent - and press the battery pack and the tube firmly together until they stop - there must be no gap between the battery pack and the tube.

If you still have a LEUCHTIE with the old silicone rubbers you can simply replace them with the sleeves.

The silicone sleeves fit all LEUCHTIEs, except the Mini model.

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