Ansmann plug-in charger incl. 2 AAA batteries


Each battery is individually charged and monitored via the microprocessor. After the battery is fully charged, Delta-U detection switches from normal charge to trickle charge. This prevents overcharging and ensures a particularly long battery life.

Please note: Only suitable for LEUCHTIE Premium if operated on rechargeable batteries which have to be removed from the battery pack to be charged

for LEUCHITIE Premium
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Ansmann plug-in charger incl. 2 AAA batteries

Compact Ansmann plug charger for NiMH rechargeable batteries type AA or AAA

The compact plug-in charger has a microcontroller-controlled single slot monitoring for 1-2 Mignon AA or Micro AAA batteries. After charging, the system switches over to trickle charging by means of delta U detection. It is not possible to overcharge the batteries - the service life of the batteries is thus significantly extended.

Scope of delivery:

Plug charger incl. 2 Ansmann NiMH 800mAh AAA batteries with very low self-discharge:

Micro / AAA / HR03
1,2V NiMH battery / maxE

  • Self-discharge of MaxE batteries is 10 times lower than normal NiMH batteries
  • Over 1 year standby without reloading
  • Precharged cell! Unpack - insert - use!
  • no memory effect
  • rechargeable up to 1,000 times

Product details:

Microcontroller controlled (Delta-U monitoring):
The microprocessor monitors the charging process and switches from charging to conservation of charge as soon as the batteries are fully charged. This protects the batteries and enables a long service life.

Single chamber monitoring:
1-2 batteries can be charged. Each battery is individually monitored in order to ensure optimum gentle charging of the battery.

Trickle charge:
As soon as a battery is charged, it is not charged further, as with most chargers, but only with a low charge retention current.

Battery defect detection:
Defective batteries are detected and not charged.

Charging current:
140 mA at AAA / 300 mA at AA
The charging time is approx. 8 hours depending on the capacity of the batteries.

1 - 2 of type NiMH

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