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Battery pack LEUCHTIE Plus grey

LEUCHTIE Plus battery part (grey)
Incl. 2 batteries type AAA

Conversion LEUCHTIE Standard to LEUCHTIE Plus:

With the LEUCHTIE Plus battery pack, you can easily convert your existing LEUCHTIE Standard to the LEUCHTIE Plus model: simply replace the old battery pack with the Plus battery pack!

The LEUCHTIE Plus model represents the further development of the LEUCHTIE Standard and offers many benefits:

  • significantly simplified battery change due to the Plus battery pack
  • operation with commercially available low-cost alkaline batteries type AAA
  • extremely long burn time of approx. 100 hours - twice as long as the Standard model
  • particularly low running costs: only about 1 Cent per hour. This makes the Plus model highly recommended for frequent users
  • the oval shape guarantees a higher wearing comfort for the dog by a better fit

When converting from LEUCHTIE Standard to LEUCHTIE Plus version, the LEUCHTIE will become approx. 2cm larger.

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