Claims management

General information:

Please note:

For legal reason (sales contract) a claim for the two-year warranty generally exists only towards the retailer, from whom you bought the product. The date of purchase must be proven with evidence (receipt, bank statement, order confirmation etc.).

When purchased directly from trends and more GmbH, we offer our customers a three-year warranty. If you do not have a receipt at hand, the purchase can be traced via our database.
Alternatively, you can have your LEUCHTIE repaired by us at any time for a fee: We can process most of the repairs within the scope of our repair flat rate of 10 € (incl. return shipping costs).

If very extensive work is necessary or if there are defects that are excluded from the warranty (e. g. leaking batteries, bite damage, incorrect handling etc.) additional costs may be incurred depending on the work involved.

After examination of the article we will send you an offer about the costs.

Before sending it in, please check your LEUCHTIE again carefully using the operating instructions, which you can download from FAQ and tips.


If you are unable to correct the malfunction using the information in the operating instructions, we recommend that you send the LEUCHTIE by large letter / maxi letter (tear-proof envelope) at a reasonable price. If you would like proof of posting, select the registered mail posting option.

Please send the entire LEUCHTIE (battery pack included) with the completely filled out service form to the following address:

trends and more GmbH
Hammerweg 123
92637 Weiden

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any further questions or requests:
Tel.: +49 961 470 8 440