FAQ about the LEUCHTIE and our online shop

In our FAQs we try to bring you the most important questions about the LEUCHTIE, the ordering and processes in our online shop.

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  1. How to replace the rechargeable batteries?
  2. My LEUCHTIE does not charge
  3. How do I charge a LEUCHTIE Easy Charge model?

How to replace the rechargeable batteries?

Battery change for the luminous collar LEUCHTIE Easy ChargeRemoving the batteries

  1. Detach the tube from the battery pack on both sides with slight kinking movements.
  2. Pull both silicone sleeves off the battery pack.
  3. Bend the battery contacts carefully using a pointed object (e.g. a small screwdriver or toothpick) until the batteries are exposed.
  4. Tap both sides of the battery pack one after the other on a table or against your hand until both batteries fall out.

Inserting new batteries

  1. The charging contacts (A) of the battery pack point upwards, the label on the tube (B) is on the right side.
  2. There are red and blue markings in both the sockets of the tube and in the contact plates of the battery section. Insert the new rechargeable batteries into the battery pack as shown in the picture:
    red side = contact with the positive pole of the battery
    blue side = contact with the negative pole of the other battery
  3. Press the two contact pads with the flat side back into the battery pack onto the battery poles.
  4. Put both silicone sleeves back on the battery pack. The ring marking of the sleeves (C) points to the battery pack.
  5. Connect the tube and the battery pack as follows:
    the red marked end of the tube onto the red contact pad / positive terminal of the battery
    the blue marked end of the tube onto the blue contact pad / negative terminal of the other battery

Attaching the battery pack

  1. Insert both ends of the tube one after the other straight into the battery pack. Be careful not to bend the contact springs.
  2. Press the battery pack and the tube firmly together on both sides as far as it can go, until they are closed properly. There must be no gap between the battery pack and the tube.

My LEUCHTIE does not charge

Possible causes may be:

  • The charging station is not connected to a power source: The green diode is not lit.
  • The LEUCHTIE is not closed correctly: the battery pack and the tube must be fully pushed together so that no gap is visible between the battery pack and the tube.
  • The charging contacts are dirty: Check and clean the magnetic contacts. Adhering metal particles can be easily removed from the magnets with adhesive tape.
  • The batteries are defective: Replace them with new rechargeable batteries of the same type. For the Pro Easy Charge and Premium Easy Charge model: NiMH batteries type AAA 1.2 V with low self-discharge.

If you cannot solve the problem, you are welcome to send your LEUCHTIE to us for inspection and repair with the completed service form.

How do I charge a LEUCHTIE Easy Charge model?
  • Charging process LEUCHTIE Easy ChargeBefore using the LEUCHTIE for the first time: Charge the batteries.
  • Please charge the batteries as early as possible:
    • We recommend charging the batteries once a week or after approx. 10 – 15 hours burn time overnight.
    • The maximum brightness of your LEUCHTIE is maintained.
    • This leads to a longer battery life (no deep discharge).
    • It guarantees the greatest possible operational capability.
  • If the LEUCHTIE is not used for a longer period of time (e. g. in summer), please fully charge the batteries before taking it out of operation.

Recharging the batteries:

  • Connect the USB cable of the charging station to a USB power source (e.g. USB power supply unit or USB socket of a car/ PC, etc.).
  • The green LED of the charging station indicates that it is ready for use.
  • Place the charging contacts of the LEUCHTE onto the charging station. The magnetic charging contacts will automatically align.
  • The red LED shows that the batteries are recharging.
  • The batteries are charged as soon as the green LED starts to light up in addition to the red LED.